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The Influence of Street Art on T-shirt Design

Blog The Influence of Street Art on T-shirt Design by CPH CPH is the news editor of 22/01/19 Street art and graffiti can be a polarizing topic, as many things seem to be these days. Some people absolutely love street art and consider it to be legitimate artwork in its own right, with its own Picassos and Monets looming large in its sphere. On the other hand, some people you broach the subject with will dismiss the entire genre as nothing more than a criminal pastime, taken up by ruffians and scoundrels To the person in the latter category, all we would like to say is: come on, dude. As long as humans have been around, we have been...

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What’s an ‘Outsider Artist?’

Blog What’s an ‘Outsider Artist?’ by CPH CPH is the news editor of 13/12/18 When it comes to traditional art, most people believe that it requires access to capital investment to get featured on regular exhibitions. It is generally expected of artists to have attended prestigious art schools and have strong educational and economic backgrounds. Since the ‘60s, when it gained prominence as an allied form of expression for the peace movement and then in the 80s expressing hip-hop culture, street art has come a long way. For the artist who doesn’t have such ‘desirable’ origins, their work is thrown under more scrutiny and skepticism. This person, known as an ‘outsider artist’ is seen as reckless, rebellious and self-taught...

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