We're for the generation that was born sharing: sharing ideas,sharing experience,sharing creations and styles... We believe in social networks with "Shares and Likes" celebrating differences and confronting cliches. We are for a demanding,opignated and over connected generation looking for high-quantity street fashion.


When you’re making your voice heard to change the world, we want to be what you’re wearing.

OtherLinks creates contemporary street wear using premium fabrics for comfortable, high-quality styles.

These items are the result of partnerships with hungry, up-and-coming street artists or performers whose work comes from real life and living it.


Why ‘Social Fabric’?

Because if clothes are how we express ourselves and define our tribe, what if you could form a deeper connection with the things you wear and the people who created them?

OtherLinks wants to be the next generation of Social Brand offering access to a platform allowing you to meet our artists and be part of the creation process.

Our customers are our first brand actors.

To know more, scan the QRCode on our wear.