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“The passion for detail, respect for garments and the love of their creation. These are the ideals that OtherLinks is established on.” 


Cashmere is has long been a mark of quality, a luxurious wool traditionally worn by those of means. Despite being revered for is silk-like texture, feather weight and comforting warmth, less is commonly known of its origins. It hails from the high plains of Inner Mongolia. From the Kashmir goat, specifically. The communities that raise these goats rely on them for every day life and have done so for millennia. By selling their furs they pay for their children’s education, for food during the winter and, of course, for the occasional treat. We’re proud that our collection helps maintain the unique traditions of these communities, to lead the lives they choose.


Otherlinks cashmere is special in that we are responsible for every stage of its creation. From the goat-herds of Inner Mongolia to lavish garments delivered to your door, we care for the quality and sustainability of our brand. We have the same discussions with the herders as we do with the manufacturers, stipulating quality, consistency and adherence to detail. Each garment you receive is the culmination of these networks, these relationships.

Value proposition: 

Sharing styles and garments of all the world. Allowing every person choice, rather than choosing for them. 


Our mission is to break the wall of traditional style and be trendy.


We aim to break the static mindset that traditional fashion brands encourage to globalize and equalize the garments we choose to wear.


Otherlinks appreciate the art of creativity, collaboration with global artists to reinvent style. We link these modern designs with older styles and ancient materials. The cashmere that we use is ethically sourced from the plains of Mongolia, where communities tend their herds as they have for thousands of years.

For those that desire modern styles made from quality materials, OtherLinks provides. 

The brand that is designed, created and worn all over the world,  which prides itself on producing 

socially conscious and expressive clothing.

For those that desire modern styles made from quality materials, OtherLinks provides. The brand that is designed, created and worn all over the world, which prides itself on producing socially conscious and expressive clothing.