The History of Streetwear (70s to early 2000s)


The History of Streetwear (70s to early 2000s)

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The history of streetwear is rooted in urban culture. Streetwear was – and still is – a common fashion statement for over three decades. The cultural dress code did a good job of painting the youth of the time in a good light.

One can find that urban wear brands from the early eras were influenced by heavy metal bands, and the dress code hasn’t really deviated from what originally started. Experts attribute the spiraling success of streetwear clothing to cheap synthetic clothing, which became mainstream by the 70s. It allowed people to express their individuality with unique fashion statements.

Brace yourself for a trip down memory lane as OtherLinks takes you through a history of streetwear.

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70s Fashion

The 70s attire for women included ponchos capes, Mexican ‘peasant blouses’, tie dye shirts, bell bottoms, midi skirts, and ankle length maxi dresses with bright colors. And of course, this fashion also included boots, which were extremely popular back then on account of the various styles to choose from and their affordable price.

The disco attire, the main feature of the 1970s, included loose pants, giant blazers, form fitting spandex pants, long thigh slits, ball gowns and tube tops. The shoes included a variety of boots— ranging from kitten heels to knee-high boots.

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80s Fashion

The 1980s truly was the era of jackets and classic fitting denim. A common feature were fur jackets (both real and fake). Around this time, it also became more acceptable for young women and teenagers to wear short skirts and blazers.

However, it’s a different story for footwear; the attention moved from knee-high boots to strappy sandals, pumps, and Keds.

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90s Fashion

Urban streetwear became redefined under a different moniker—hip hop.

The trend affected women as well, who opted for miniskirts, undersized sweaters and tights. It was commonplace to wear accessories such as floppy hats, gold, and silver jewelry.

The mid 90s was all about long hair, high waist trousers, plastic chokers, cardigans, and paisley shirts. Technology and globalization was paving the road for mass manufacturing that allowed apparel to become cheaper, giving women affordable access to current trends like never before.

The Juicy Couture velour tracksuit: the uniform of the early 2000s

The 2000s

If we could sum up women’s streetwear trends in one word, it would be sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses, over sized sunglasses – you name it, it was in fashion. It was all about wearing skin tight clothes such as yoga pants, hot pants, low rise jeans, and high heeled boots that emphasized the thigh area.

Other accessories of the time included pearl drop earrings and silver ‘cowboy-style’ belt buckles as Americana popped back in to the fashion conversation early in the decade.