NYFW Loud Looks


NYFW Loud Looks

by CPH
CPH is the news
editor of OtherLinks.com

Different from all the other Fashion Weeks in the infinite variety of people and their idiosyncratic styles on any given sidewalk, New York Fashion Week is always a feast for the senses and this year was no different.

Here is a selection of our personal favorite looks seen around town, chosen for their out-and-out style as much as for their accessibility and apparent quality. We also chose them for their loud prints and the attitude it takes to pull them off. It’s fashion at its most vital and dynamic and we are very much here for it.

Thin knit sweater tucked into a tasseled mini – comfy and showy.

The sweater dress with loud patterns is equal parts workday and weekend.

A seamless knit tee protects against the chill, paired with something you’ll see a lot of this fall: snakeskin print.

Yes to all of this. Aside from being on point, this fit just looks fun to wear. Count me in.

Fun challenge: choose 4 or 5 of those items you’ve always meant to wear but haven’t, then combine them. If the result looks have as good as these then congrats; you’ve got a solid wardrobe.

Fall is the time of year for transition weather, so dress accordingly. That means comfy knits and whatever else you want.

Get a load of this candy-coated dream.

The common wisdom is ‘if you don’t know what to wear, just wear all-black’ so we agree with this guy when we say ‘forget common wisdom’.