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It might seem like it’s a little ways away with temperatures being as high as they are, but fall is indeed coming and we. are. here. for. it. One place where autumn is actually on time is Stockholm, which just so happens to be the same time as Stockholm Fashion Week.

While we’re looking forward to the upcoming Fashion Weeks worldwide, Stockholm showed us that knits are pulling together some of the best looks some of the strongest looks but, personally we think they could use a bit more edge – what do you think? Do they seem a bit too ‘safe’ to you? Let us know in the comments.


You think: oh my god that’s a frigging LEWK. Wearer thinks: i have never been so comfortable in my life. That’s a knit crew neck UNDER a fuzzy, furry cardigan, all matching and effortless.

The thin knit sweater tucked into wide-legged jeans is already a pragmatic and comfy choice, Adding the long camel-colored rain coat, the heels and that bag smarten it right up.

Every outfit we saw looked comfy af, and we’re calling it now: knit tees. Mock and full-on turtleneck: prepare to see them everywhere.

A chunky Charlie Brown-esque knit sweater. Flowy checked pants. Flip flops. Statement bag and sunglasses. That’s it that’s all.

Crew neck knit top, tucked into some cargo flares. Good for the work day as well as the weekend. Or a working weekend. Hey, it happens.

How put together is this look? She matches THE BUILDING. That’s next level. I’m in awe.

Have you noticed a theme of muted yellow for these knit looks from Stockholm? It’s a confident choice that avoids being showy.

Love the choice to band a knit diagonally over the chest. It’s a slash of color that looks like a victory sash and livens up the whole look.

On the left is a great example of how a knit can add a novel texture to an outfit made up of polyester and cotton items.

It’s all in that one calculated tuck. The asymmetry of the way the sweater hangs and is stuffed in the pants juxtaposes perfectly with the uniformity of the pleats. PS I need a shoulder draping jacket in my life.

The patterned skirt and ribbed tank are squeezing the last out of the summer weather, but the windbreaker is a reminder that we’re headed right into autumn.

Cozy sweater, clunky shoes, clutch suitcase. It’s all over the place yet still fits together.

It’s not the craziest, most out-there look, but this is a prime example of how a knit can add a dissonant texture – in a good way!

Super casual and super current; and there’s another crewneck sweater tucked into pants! Don’t know where that look went, but I’m glad its back.